Sunday, November 16, 2008

Simple Fabric & Paper Holiday Cards

I love working with fabric…almost as much (or maybe more) as I love paper. This must be some sort of residual effect from my days as a kid waiting around for my mom while she browsed through pattern catalogues and fabric. While doing my own browsing recently at Joann’s I found some cute fabrics on sale that I thought would make some fun holiday cards. Here is a quick and simple card I created on a recent very rainy November afternoon.

This second card evolved while cleaning up my work area from the previous card. A scrap of wavy cut cardstock was lying above---almost on top of---this penguin fabric piece…almost like a shingle. I thought it looked like a store front and the card evolved from there into a snowy store front scene. Next time I’ll use different paper for the storefront sides and create a 3-d effect with pop dots like I did with the roof and the snow.

Thanks for looking.

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