Sunday, November 16, 2008

When tweaking just doesn’t cut it…

Have you ever spent time making a card only to not like the finished product…and then spend more time trying to improve upon it...and like it even less?

Well here’s my most recent disaster…

It’s like an appliqué…but on paper. I saw this fabric on sale at Joann’s and thought…what a fun piece to use for general all season use.

Maybe that was the problem. I started working without a clear plan or purpose. It was late when I started and I had difficulties with the colors, which was probably the main problem. Nothing spoke to---or grabbed---me and the end result is not only garish but b-o--r--i--n--g.

The fabric is pale blue and covered with lime, pink and red apples and pears. This afternoon I decided to give it a try with a chocolate base and while better, still not a favorite…or my best.

With the chocolate card stock, I decided to turn it into a submission for the current “Chocolate” Caardvark challenge.
This is a totally stamp free card using a using a combination of fabric pieces, ribbon and a computer generated phrase, which I got off the Internet. I love using stamps, but I also equally love creating non-stamped cards.

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