Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge 2 [& Caardvarks sketch Challenge too]

[Edited to add: Was getting ready to post a second card to the current Caardvarks sketch challenge when I realized that this card might actually fit the sketch challenge...so giving it a go!]

This week’s color challenge from Dawn McVey (My Favorite Things) is based on this color combination from Pottery Barn Teen.

I love these colors but I didn’t realize just how much fun they are to work with together.

The idea for this card started with the little wooden (micro bus) tag and the E-Z giraffe rub-on transfer (British West Indies), both of which I had picked up on a whim. I thought both could work well with the color combo in these papers from My Mind’s Eye Bohemia collection.

I'm having trouble capturing the true colors even with the morning sun...either the celery/moss is too dark or the teal(esque) too light. (I also see that my giraffe's backside is a bit damaged.)

I posted an earlier version of this card yesterday…but felt something was missing...so tweaked it by adding additional Prima (mulberry paper) flowers, ribbon and a sentiment, which is once again from the Hero Arts ‘Anyone Can Stamp!’ clear birthday wishes set. I’m much happier with this version.

I’m really enjoying these color challenges…thank you Dawn!

Thanks for looking…

What...if Anything Have I Learned this Week

is that it’s better sometimes to not submit to a card challenge. This is a good example.

Last night I made this dual purpose card for both the (second) Raspberry Suite Color and Hero Arts Blog “windows” challenges. I started late at night, which was the first problem. Truth be told, however, the card looks rather cute in real life. In the photo though, it looks…blech.

I was going for a mortar and brick look (to make a window) and it works in real life, but not under the harsh lens of a camera...the so-called mortar looks like really poor workmanship.
So with only fifteen minutes left to post to Mr. Linky, I decided to forego the challenge and wait for the next one and try and tweak this one.
Thanks for popping by...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Another card not submitted...

Photo of another card I made for the Raspberry Suite Color Challenge, which I chose not to submit yet since I don’t like the buttons. It has since been tweaked but it’s too late to take a good photo…so I’ll wait till the morning light.

Thanks for stopping by…

Sunday, March 29, 2009

On a Clear Day...but not today

This is what we woke up to on Friday morning (but I never got around to posting). It was very dense and hard to see and I thought it was pretty neat and erie looking.

Actually, I wasn’t awake (or quick) enough to grab my camera and take the shots before the fog started to dissipate....oh well.

You can barely see an outline, but usually you can see a house, which is way across...on the other side of the street...from the house behind our house (if that makes sense).
This is what you see on a clear day.

Normally I can see my son’s bus as it comes down the street, but not this morning. He had to walk to the bus in the dense fog.

This is what you would normally see…double yellow lines in the road (just above the chimney).

Hope you have a great day…

Birthday Card inspired by...

LysaQ’s win over at the Hero Arts Club Blog’s “Spring” Challenge, which you can find at http://www.flickr.com/photos/lysaq/3376683854/in/pool-heroarts/

I just love what Lysa did with her card...it’s no wonder she won!

I happened to be in Michaels the next day and stumbled upon the HA’s “windy tree” stamp LysaQ used on her card and decided it was a must have…with a 40% coupon, of course.

I immediately used the stamp to make this birthday card for a friend.

(I couldn't decide which photo I like better.)
I added these little embossed yellow flowers from this tin of table confetti (a wedding collection from the editors of Bride’s Magazine). The tin is filled with 1 oz. of (or approximately 300-400 or more) flowers...all for only $4.99.

The ribbon and ink is from Papertrey’s “dark chocolate’ collection and the sentiments from a Hero Arts “Anyone Can Stamp!” clear birthday collection.

Thanks Lysa...for the inspiration and
thanks for looking…

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge

Found this wonderful color challenge over on Dawn McVey’s blog, “My Favorite Things” at http://dawnmcvey.typepad.com/these_are_a_few_of_my_fav/rs-color-challenge/. This challenge is based on this photo from Pottery Barn Teen. Love this color scheme.

This challenge gave me an opportunity to use this cute doggie invite stamp by All Night Media. I thought it would make some great girlie invites but I don’t have a daughter...just a boy.
Here’s a photo of a close-up of the doggie with her bling collar.

I had a lot of fun with this challenge and will keep a look out for the next challenge over at...My Favorite Things.

Thanks for looking…

Monday, March 23, 2009

No Stamping on this Baby...

Another card made from fabric, and this time no stamps…just fabric, paper, ribbon and some embellishments. Finally got around to using some of the fabric I purchased the other week after my first sewing class.

When I spied this fabric, I thought it would make some cute kidde cards. This is my first attempt. It's okay...but think something better could be done with the fabric.
I hadn’t been able to get any good photos that I liked until this morning.

Hope you enjoy…

Spring - Hero Arts Spring Challenge

Card created for the "Spring" Hero Arts Club Blog Challenge. The background paper was created using a small Hero Arts set called "Kaleidoscope flower." The Sentiment is from Papertrey's Borders & Corners (Circle) set. This first photo was shot in the early morning light, as the rising sun shines through our family room windows.

Don't know if you can see a difference, but this second photo is the one I took late last night (in order to make the deadline) and posted on the HA Flicker group site. I really must learn to create early...so I don't have to take late night shots!

Thanks for looking...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's 2 - 2 Challenges in 1: Caardvarks Sketch & Hero Arts Spring Challenges

Card created this evening originally for the "Spring" Hero Arts Club Blog Challenge...and then I checked over at Caardvarks and noticed their HA Sketch Challenge.

I've never entered a sketch challenge before, so I'm not sure if this card quite fits the bill. It seems to have all of the elements...and I've noticed that others seem to change it (the design) up a bit. So...we'll see.

The white strip was created using a small Hero Arts set called "Kaleidoscope flower" and the larger flower is from another flower set by Kathy Davis for Inkadinkado. Sentiment is also by Hero Arts...a clear birthday set.

Thanks for looking...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

Yesterday I mentioned that I popped into Michael's to buy some ribbon for a project I was working on with my pre-school class.

Well, this is what they made...

Faux forsythia made with pipe cleaners...to give to their moms in celebration of the first day of Spring!

The "blossoms" are wrapped in these colored coffee like filters we have in the supply room.

As usual...the photos are lousy, but I hope you get the idea.

A few of the children (4's) had some difficulty with the fine motor skill of twisting the yellow pipe cleaner...but they all enjoy keeping a secret and so were all eager to make their blossoms.

They were equally excited today to present their "bouquets" to their moms.

Wishing you a...Happy Spring!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hero Arts "Spring" Challenge

Card created for the Hero Arts Blog “Spring” Challenge.

a bit about the card...I stopped in at Michaels yesterday to get some ribbon for a project with my pre-school class and found these packs of sticky notes and stickers.

At 2 for $1.00, I figured…hey! I’m making stationary for a friend’s 10 year old daughter and also bought some pink and yellow notes that I think might come in handy. [I have no idea why this happens to some of my photos...and haven't figured out how to correct it.]

So the branch image is the sticky note and the round bird image is one of the stickers. I just added some background paper, ribbon, gems and some clear stamps by Hero Arts and Inkadinkado. I really have to work on my photo taking.

…and speaking of which, I decided to take a new photo of the ‘critter” card created for the Caardvark Challenge in the morning light, which I think is a bit better.

Thanks for looking…

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Caardvark Challenge...Criters

Card made for the Caardvark Challenge...I think it's called "critters." Base of card is fabric from a cast off of upholstery samples I got at a store going out of business. Colors aren't really great this late at night. Now that I think about it...I hope that a dog qualifies as a "critter" for this challenge!!!

Hope I get this Mr. Linky thing right!
Thanks for looking...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Better late than never...

Cleaning out my files and came across this old photo…

of a very simple card I made back in December 2007. I really liked this card when I made it and still do.

The torn background paper is handmade from the Paper Source. The row of reindeers is a strip I cut from Joyful Multi Stripes by KJ Memories, Inc. Added brads and ribbon to look like a rein and bells. I like that the handmade background paper looks like it has a moon!

Photo doesn't really do the colors (intensity) justice.

Happy Saint Patty's Day!

What...if Anything Have I Learned this Week

[Forgot to do this last week]

That I am spoiled…spoiled…spoiled by all the many craft and sewing stores within a few miles from my home and that when we move...

that I will sorely miss…the Paper Source, Michaels, AC Moore, Pearls, Joann and G Street Fabrics, since none of these stores are located closer (if at all) than 50 miles from Laramie, Wyoming.

(That there are, however, two quilt shops, a bead shop and a yarn shop in Laramie…so there is a crafting community…yea!!)

Life is an Adventure…

We’ve finally made the decision. In August we'll be moving to this place…

Apprehensive...excited…nervous…scared…happy…sad...and wondering, what life in a small town will hold for us Easterners...

because this is where we live now.

I'm looking at it as an...Adventure!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hero Club Blog Shapes Challenge

A card I made this evening for the "Shapes" challenge over at the Hero Club Blog. With the exception of the handle, it's made from fabric. I based my card on the little appliqued purse (to the left of the card) I found while wandering the fabric store after my sewing class. I already had the fabrics and emellishements.

Hope you like it!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's in the bag...

No card…just a bag. That I made today. I’m taking a beginner’s sewing class with a friend and this is what we made today…a tote bag. Had a make up class so we were there for four hours today. But it was nice to be able to complete the project without having to lug it home and try and remember what we were supposed to do.

It looks a bit like I made it…but since it’s my first sewing project in years, I won’t be too hard on myself. Next week we make pj bottoms.
Bag is reversible… I prefer this side.

While I was at the fabric store, I spied this fabric, which I think will make some cute kiddy cards…although I have yet to use most of the fabrics from my purchase after last week’s class.

I guess I really need to find some craft time.

Thanks for looking…

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Dancers...

First attempt with the “dancers” fabric piece I purchased last week. I love the deep colors of her dress and of his tux, which probably don't show up as sharp in the photo...and I particularly like her "bracelet."

The base cardstock has a grid like pattern, which reminds me of a dance floor and shows up a bit better on this photo.

The sentiment (from Raindrops on Roses) may be a bit hard to read, so here it is…

“A loving heart
Will always know

The feelings…

Words can’t always show"

(last line finishes inside)

Thanks for stopping by...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Box of Chocolates!

It was our turn to host our quarterly wine tasting dinner party this evening (err…last night) and this was one of the hostess gifts given to us. They taste as wonderful as they look.

Though too pretty to eat, we didn’t let that stop us! Didn’t know this Artisan Chocolatier has a shop practically around the corner from where we live...but I do now!
A close up...

and this was dessert...
(which I didn't make). Happy Spring Forward!

Friday, March 6, 2009

For the love of fabric…

Some new and old fabrics I hope to incorporate into my card creations this next week.

I adore fabric...and l love using it to create cards, among other things. It's all my mom’s fault. My brothers and I had to spend hours waiting for her in the fabric departments, which old department stores (i.e., Carson Pierre Scott and Marshall Fields) had once upon a time. I guess all that hanging around fabrics got to me...as it did my younger brother. He uses swaths of fabrics to decorate, wrap gifts, etc. Thanks, Mom!

I’m taking a sewing class (for beginners) with a friend. Funny: I now have to pay for something that my mom tried to give me for free!

Did a bit of shopping after class. Sigh...no more Deb Strain’s “Lotta Latte” (Modafabrics) that I used in my Kraft card creation the other day. Bummer! I love that design. But I found this piece
(and then cut these out after attaching fusible webbing)...

and this…

Hoping to have time to play with these over the weekend.

Hope you have a great Friday!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

”It’s the little things in life that that matter most…”

This is my card for the "littlethings" challenge over at the Hero (Arts) Club Blog using Hero’s tiny 18th Century Fans.

I added a few ‘blossoms’ from this silk bouquet in my living room

and used the peeled paint and walnut stain distress inks by Ranger. The sentiment is by Inkadinkado.

Wish I could get my photos to reflect the true color of the card. I might try another photo later with the afternoon light and then switch out the photo.

Thanks for looking…

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Colors in the morning light...

Hoping the colors look better in the morning light on this Caardvark Kraft Challenge card I submitted late last night...

plus I added some "foam" to the top cup. I love this fabric and wish I hadn't waited to the last minute to get started on this card. I see a lot of potential for tweaking this card.

Hope you have a great day!