Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just for Ewe…

Another simple card I'll be making more of for the December market bazaar…

I love this Ewe stamp but haven’t played with it in a long while.

I found this sketch over at 2 Sketches 4 You , but was too late to play along.

I liked the sketch so much I decided it would be perfect for my very simple little “Thank Ewe” card.

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These boots...

Very simple and unadorned set of coasters I made using the enhanced background technique by Jennifer McGuire for the 2Peas Fall Stamp Camp, which you can find on Jennifer’s blog here. Check it out…very cool technique.

I bought some glass coasters years ago from Sally Foster to give to the grandparents…the kind where you put photos in little sleeves on the backside.

I had this extra set that I didn’t want to toss because…well…everything has crafting potential.

I’m getting ready for a craft fair in early December to be held at the University and figure I need items that might appeal to college students, and since we’re in the West, thought I’d use this boot stamp I have.

They’re coasters, so can’t really embellish with bling. But they could also be made into little hanging frames.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

HA Paper Piecing challenge

I’ve said this before (and I seriously need to alter the situation so I don’t have to repeat it again), but I don’t have many Hero Arts Stamps. In particular, I don’t have many that are conducive to paper piecing.

So I used this one (Five Big Candles), which I really, really like…

I’m not sure if this qualifies as paper piecing, but…

I decided to follow the color scheme on the front of the stamp and stamped each candle onto a different color of cardstock. The flames were all stamped onto yellow cardstock.

I added brads and sprinkles and these little wire thingies I bought at AC Moore when I still lived in Virginia and had all these craft stores available to me…sigh!

I also added a piece of lovely purple and lime polka dot ribbon by Basic Basic that I love, but otherwise, I decided to kept it very simple.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Caardvark’s “Take A Bow” Redux

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working with ribbon.

I have tons of holiday ribbon that I bought on sale last year back in Virginia, specifically for making holiday tags and cards.

Last year I made several sets of (ribbon wrapped) holiday napkin ring holders that I saw in Martha Stewart's Holiday issue of “Living” and gave them as holiday gifts.

You wrap ribbon around empty round fabric tubes (toilet paper and paper towel tubes, as suggested by MS, are just too flimsy).

I’m making a set of green ruffled napkin holders for an artsy friend, and thought, hmmm…

they might just work as a tree ornament or…

for a holiday gift wine bottle collar!

Close up of the ribbon wine collars…

I also used a section from one of the many ‘Holiday Greetings’ ribbons to create this very simple card…

The little silver Christmas tree is from a set of decorative “cookie cutter buttons” I bought at to make cards for my “cookie baking group” back home.

Decided to carry the ribbon to the inside…

I seem to be missing quite a few of my ribbons. I hope they’re sitting in---as yet---one of the many unpacked boxes and not in someone else’s home!

Caardvarks…I LOVE this challenge!!! Thank You!!! Don’t know how many times you can enter, but I have lots of other ideas….

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My blogging friend, Dawn, of Dawn’s World, sent me the "MeMe Award." The rules are simple…divulge 7 secrets about myself and pass the award on to 7 others. Like some of the others, I don’t really have any secrets, so I will just list 7 (mostly boring) things about me. More importantly, however, I don’t really know 7 other (paper crafting bloggers) well enough to forward to…so I apologize if this award starts to slow down with me.

So here we go…

1. I recently moved from a large metropolis on the East Coast to the small University town of Laramie, Wyoming.

2. Although quite happily (and surprisingly) adjusting to life in small town Laramie, Wyoming, I sometimes miss my friends (and my old home) something fierce.

3. When I was in grade school and High School, I used to keep little books filled with poems, songs, comic strips and pictures that inspired or “spoke” to me, but I didn’t know then that I was actually “scrapbooking.”

4. My mom, who is an excellent seamstress and made all my clothes, tried to teach me to sew…but I refused to learn from her and thus, now have to pay for something that was “free.”

5. Mom also urged me to take a typing class while in H.S., but I always claimed that I was too busy to take the class.

6. I now wish that I had listened to my mom.

7. I blog about our adventure/journey/move from the East Coast to small town Laramie and it really helps with the adjustment.

So…these are the two people I feel comfortable enough naming for this award…

Marije of scraphamster

Andi of Andi’s Perfect Gravy – A City Girl’s Ranch Life

Please stop by their blogs to see all the fun and creative things they come up with.

And thanks to Dawn, for thinking of me…so sweet of her.

Double Challenge (Kitchen Sink & Caardvarks)

While admiring several cards submitted for Dawn McVey’s recent Raspberry Suite Challenge, I came across Courtney Baker’s site, “One day at a time” and this challenge

where we’re asked to use something from the (junk) mail on our cards or scrapbook pages.

I absolutely love this idea since I “try” to recycle as much as possible.

I was a tad bummed because nothing (or so I thought) workable came in yesterday’s mail and our mailperson doesn’t arrive until after 1:00 PM.


So…while running around the house doing chores, I came across this….

I immediately saw the possibilities and this is what I came up with…

I'm thinking it might also work for the ‘Take a Bow” challenge over at Caardvarks where we’re challenged “to use ribbon in some wonderful way!”

Two challenges in one...makes me smile!

Card Deets:
Fall Sale Postcard (Chicos)
Fun Dots (Offray Ribbon)
Pumpkin Halloween Ribbon (Michaels)
Fall Plywood Pumpkins by Harvest Crafts (Hobby Lobby)

Thanks for looking…

Monday, October 5, 2009

Raspberry Suite Challenge

Card created for Dawn McVey’s current Raspberry Suite Challenge.

I haven’t been able to participate for quite some time…so I’m glad Dawn had another inspiring challenge.

I had to pull it together very quickly this afternoon since it’s been a hectic week. But when I spied this ‘peppermint figgy pudding’ paper by Basicgrey, I decided to make an xmas card using Papertrey’s “Believe” clear stamps and dark chocolate ink.

Thanks for looking…