Saturday, February 28, 2009

What...if Anything Have I Learned this Week

On the ‘Morning Joe’ show (on MSNBC) all the talking heads gather together at the end of each show to take a turn in sharing… “What did we learn this morning?”

I’ve decided to take a page from “Morning Joe” and include a "What did I learn this week” section in my blog. So here’s my first...

"What did I learn this Week..."

That I can use silk flowers by the stem…for much less than the cost of the scrap-book and card making flowers that come in fancy tins, packets, etc… on my creations. I’m sure everyone else out there has already figured this one out, but I only just chanced upon it today.

I went to Michaels specifically to get some white MM mini blossoms.

While waiting to pay, I noticed a silk flower stem lying behind the checkout counter that looked to be the exact size and color I 50% off. I purchased that baby and what-do- you-know…it worked!

Of course, the silk stems don’t have fancy patterns or polka dots, etc., but for the solid colored flowers…it’s a lot cheaper. Just pull the “blossoms” off and store in a small container.

There is the problem, however, of the left-over denuded stem. For those of us who like to recycle and watch what we toss in the trash, this presents an issue [and I am left with a whole lot of flowers!]. Hmm…I sure hope I don’t have to re-think this idea!
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