Sunday, February 8, 2009

A HUGE Life Decision...and a Thank You!

It’s been nearly a month since my last post. I’d been sick since mid-January…first with a bad cold/virus and fever and then bronchitis…and have since been left with some residual respiratory ailments.

More recently, however, my husband and I have been consumed with a huge life decision…“Do we leave the D.C. area (where we’ve lived for the past 25-30 years) to move to a small University town in one of those big box states?”

The immediate answer should be a resounding “yes,” since it would fulfill my husband’s dream of being a full-time Law Professor. Yet…the cut in pay, a questionable seller’s market and a 12 year-old whose life is rooted here…make it a difficult decision.

I’ve spent the past two weeks scouring the internet to learn as much as possible about our potential new home town. Now this weekend, we’re going to visit. I’m keeping my fingers crossed (that we’ll fall in love)!

So the crafting and the blog posts have fallen (once again) by the wayside.

To reduce my stress level, I’ve been stopping by some of my favorite blog sites and have also happily chanced upon some new ones that have left me...“all-a-twitter.” So many talented and awesome ladies out there…and generous to boot!

So thank you kind and generous ladies, who have helped to erase...momentarily...the worry lines from of my forehead as I wonder…”what’s in store for us this next year?”

And really…shouldn’t there be a card lurking in (or come out of) all of this?

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