Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lucy’s Color Challenge

Oh well…

I probably inadvertently disqualified myself from Lucy’s first color challenge, which you can find here by not thinking...and adding glitter.

It wasn’t until after I added the glitter that I realized…uh oh.

And this was my second attempt.

[full sun photo]

[same card with no direct sunlight]

I had just finished my first card (below)...when I realized...I had printed the sentiment onto "white" card stock.


Also, you'll notice a big "boo-boo" on the card in the first two photos...I "glittered" the waves and not the sand!

That's what I get for trying to be cute.

Both cards were made using one of my original drawings I made in MS Word. I use the “free form” line drawing tool. I also made the tree trunk free-hand.

I’ve been having fun playing with drawing in MS Word.

Original drawings by joshuajiraffe designs

Both my hubby and my teenager son tell me that I should use Paint, but I haven’t quite figured that one out…yet.

Anyway…I’ve been using some of my original drawings on cards for the upcoming craft bazaar at the University …figuring they might appeal to the young college set.

Thanks for checking in…and thanks, Lucy, for a fun challenge.


Nancy said...

I love that you use MS Word for creating art. I've been happily using MS Publisher for years. That combined with Paint can do almost anything to alter images or draw new ones.
Your series of cards are wonderful and so creative! I love them one and all!

Dawn said...

Your cards are all lovely - and I'm sure you could have used the glitter one for the challenge. Lucy said to use black and white but no other colours.... they are all lovely and your art work is very clever.

Lucy Abrams said...

Oh wow - this is FAB. I am not against glitter... I love glitter. Not disqualified ;)
Thank you for playing along - I am amazed by your drawings.

Diana said...

Great scene!

dustypenny said...

Neat drawings. No worries -- all of the cards look nice!

Dotty Jo said...

These are lovely, just sorry to read they caused you sooooo much stress! Love your drawings, I've never tried using word/publisher to draw mu own stuff... might just have to give it a go! Jo x