Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hoping to be back...

I haven’t attended to my Blog for quite some time. First, because of end of summer travel, then the start of a new school year…for all three of us: first year of middle school for our son; teaching at a new law school for my husband; and my first year as lead teacher at pre-school. How odd that we’re all three in school…in one sense or another.

My husband thinks maintaining a Blog will be too time consuming…and stressful. (I’m sure he also worries about the house and the laundry.) Secretly, I worry the same. Can I maintain the pace? There’s so much to keep up with…new techniques to learn, new supplies to want and to buy…can I afford it (both the time and the money)?

I always have ideas running through my head but I don’t always get to implement them. Time is partly the culprit but currently it’s mostly my work area being overloaded from piling everything into the room while I was getting ready for school. My craft area is on one side of our guest bedroom. While it’s a nice sized room and affords me quite a bit of space, I’ve also acquired quite a bit of supplies during the past few years. Not to mention that I save EVERYTHING! Ironic that I have a dedicated craft area, but that can't get to it to craft.

Working at the kitchen island is not optimum, so I’ve let my card making slide. But its Halloween…my most favorite card making season, besides Christmas. I’ve only had time to create one new card this season, but I plan to rectify that soon! So I hope to be back blogging (and creating) on a regular basis…

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