Monday, April 20, 2009

And the Winner is…

[Written first thing this morning but posting delayed due to some sad news...]


Congratulations…my son pulled your name out of a hat before heading off to school this morning.

Jennifer…who together with her family, is literally in the throes of a HUGE move herself…has a really fun Blog ( with lots of great cards, recipes and tips. I’ve enjoyed reading Jennifer’s online journal and plan to return…often…for new inspiration, to view her cards and to learn how they’ve landed in their new hometown.

MUCH thanks to all who have dropped in to say hello, to wish me a happy anniversary and for all the kind and encouraging words regarding our upcoming move.

I was joking about my husband not letting me haul all my craft stuff along to Laramie, but I’ve collected way too much product and really need to purge. So I’m thinking I might have another offering or two of blog candy before we make the big move at the end of July.

Thanks again for playing and I hope to see you around…I’ve enjoyed visiting all your bogs, seeing your cards and reading your online journals. Hope you have a great day!

It’s pouring cats and dogs here and is very chilly again. (I might just have to find me some more wood to burn!)

Thanks for stopping by…


Jennifer said...

Thank-you so much Karen! I'm so excited!!! :) So sorry though to hear about your little friend Will. How very, very sad. Blessings.

Dana said...

Congrats to Jennifer!

Karen, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments. I wanted to comment on a couple of posts down about the card with the stamping on silk. THAT is GORGEOUS! Very Tim Holtz with all of the layering of images. Quite stunning!

Good luck with the packing and the moving...