Monday, May 11, 2009

Thinking of you...all year long

Card created for last week's "Inspired by" Hero Arts Blog challenge, which was a toughie for me as there are so many people who inspire me. So I kind of felt like I was chasing my tail trying to decide what to do!!! But I loved the seasons artwork by Silvakelly54, which you can see here and decided to let her work inspire me using the Windy Tree.

Inside reads..."Thinking of you all year long. Happy Birthday!"

Had a lot going on last week and didn't have much in the way of craft time so I didn't get to start on this until late Sunday evening...the challenge deadline! It doesn't quite fit how I envisioned it so I hope to tweak it to achieve a more polished and professional look.

Thanks, SilvaKelly54, for the inspiration and to all you other Rock-Star papercrafters who inspire me every single day!!


Dawn said...

JJ - I do like the way you have made this card.... Sounds like you think it needs tweaking... but I think it is perfect they way it is. Really looks like 4 seasons.

marije said...

oh how creative!!!
love it!