Friday, May 1, 2009

Stamped Baby Onesies…

A query was raised over at the Hero Arts discussion thread regarding tips for stamping on fabric, and in particular, stamping on onesies. Taylor Vanbruggen had an excellent post on this, which can be found at

Last summer after seeing Taylor’s post, I decided to give it a try.

I used some patterned fabrics, like Taylor used in her project. Whenever I work with fabric I always reinforce it first, with iron on fusible web. I stamped on the patterned fabric, cut out the stamped design and then ironed the stamped image onto the onesie…like an appliquĂ©.

Backside of the onesies.

I asked my mom to stitch around the design for reinforcement and she decided to add some French Knots and little cross-stitches.

I'm pretty certain I used StazOn ink, but don’t remember. I can see from my photos that some of the stamping isn’t very sharp or dark.

Thanks for looking…


marije said...

how cute!!
thanks for your compliment on my blog!
now I decided that I also wil write in english on my blog!
it's a little bit difficult
for me because I'm dyslexic!
but I'll try!

Jennifer said...

these are darling!