Thursday, May 14, 2009

Under the weather and a few simple cards…

I haven’t done much this past week. I came down with a cold on Sunday, which has left me fatigued and drained, and I can’t seem to shake the darn thing. If fact, it seems to be getting worse! After working mornings at the pre-school, I don’t have energy left for much else…let alone crafting.

Haven’t been visiting on-line much either…occasionally here and there to pay a return visit or comment on a card. I enjoy seeing everyone’s newest creations…they make me smile and hopeful that this cold passes soon…don’t like being energy-less!

Before I caught this cold, I was busy finishing bar mitzvah invites and creating stationary samples for a friend’s 10 year old daughter.

Thought I would show a few of the samples I gave my friend. Since her daughter is just a young girl, I wanted to keep them simple.

She likes blues...

and greens!

Letters are from the HA Clear Design Bird Branch Alphabet set.

Stationary using the branch stamp from the HA Clear Design Bird Branch Alphabet Set.

Here’s to being full of energy and in the craft room again…soon!

Thanks for stopping by.


Dawn said...

sorry to hear you not feeling well JJ. Hope it is just a spring cold... and nothing major. Love the card you did for your friend's daughter. Good to have some easy cards to do when you're not feel 100%. Take care - drink lots of orange juice -

Jacqueline said...

I know how that feels, after returning from the States I feel very drained as well - I hope you will be feeling more energized as time passes. I suppose we all need a good break, also from crafting!

marije said...

simple but very beautiful, i'm happy you feel better!!