Sunday, August 3, 2008

Caardvark Sketch Challenge

Okay…that wasn’t so bad. Now that I’ve finally
taken the plunge, I can breathe again.

Thanks to the recent Caardvark sketch challenge, I’ve been motivated to move from ‘lurker’ to ‘participant.”
Just last week I created a guitar themed card for my husband’s birthday. When I saw the Caardvark sketch challenge, I knew it could make a good fit.
Thanks Caardvark...for the fun assignment!


lauren said...

ooh OOH oooooooooh! what an absolutely FABULOUS card!!! (you've done this before, i can tell! lol!) :) did you *MAKE* that guitar from scratch?! holy mackeral! love this!

joshuajiraffe said...

To Lauren: Thank you for the kind words. Not quite sure how to respond…if I do so on my blog or if you’ll even check back (or maybe yours was a rhetorical question). Yes, I made the guitar from scratch. It was fun and I had to keep looking at my husband’s guitar. BTW: I love your blog. I added you to my favorites about a month ago (and I too, am a Cancer).