Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Taking Baby Steps…

Some very kind friends have encouraged me to start taking baby steps…like teaching an after-school card-making class at my son’s school or offering a donation of handmade cards for the school’s winter fundraiser, both of which I did this past year. (The fact that the winter fundraiser was a silent auction made it easier, but I was still very nervous!) I decided to donate kids’ monogrammed cards and stationary. I kept the samples simple to reach a broad base. Here are a two samples of kids' monogrammed cards I created for the February auction. Obviously…I am not a photographer.

Robot Card
The robot paper is from one of my favorite shops, The Paper Source. I spied the paper while on a shopping spree… spending a thoughtful Hanukkah gift from my sweet husband…and immediately knew it could be used to make some great cards.

I cut out one of the robots and matted it onto gray cardstock. I printed some initials on white cardstock using the Alien Encounter Font and matted that onto the gray cardstock and embellished with brads. I used a red sharpie pen to make the electrical current run across the chest. I’ve used variations on this creation to make birthday cards and thank you notes. Here's another sample using the same paper.

Lilly Pulitzer(esque) Sundress

Another simple card using a stencil from “Paper Fashions,” a neat little book from the editors of Klutz, and some Lilly Pulitzer fabric I found on sale at G Street Fabrics. I love using fabric on my cards. The “Paper Fashions” book comes with three pages of stencils filled with fashion shapes, design paper, embellishments and a set of itty-bitty hangers. This would make a wonderful gift for the little crafter(s) in your family.
These are photos of a birthday card I created using stencils from “Paper Fashions” and some fabric. I made this card for my very dear and good friend who truly has it all going on! This card captures her personality and spirit to the tee! (Note: The little black dress on the front of the card is not from Paper Fashions. My friend had given me a card with a little black dress on the front. I cut out the dress and used it as a template for this card.)

A few more photos of some the other kids’ stationary samples I made. Again, they’re plain and simple to appeal to a broad base.

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