Thursday, June 18, 2009

A bird, a plane…no, it’s Birthday Man!

Needed to send a birthday card to my younger brother…like today! His birthday is Saturday and he lives 4 states away. Last night I got down to work and just couldn’t focus. Guess I’m feeling too discombobulated these days.

Anyway…this card is the end result of what happened while I was filing some scraps I had left over from my recent card submission as a Caardvarks guest designer (to be published at Midnight on Friday…very nervous!).

The card just sort of evolved after I noticed the sharp angles and empty spaces where I had used a craft punch. I thought, hmm...I wonder?

My brother lives in an apartment building in a large metropolis…and I love skyscrapers, especially at night and even more especially after a freshly fallen snow. So…I went with the flow and this is what happened! There’s absolutely no stamping on this card.

I know it won’t make sense to you all but this is what I typed inside…

"Faster than a lake-front surfer
More powerful than a Maitre d
Able to maneuver around tall buildings in a single taxi…


Happy Birthday to the man (who lives around) steel!"

Here's a close up of Birthday Man…

Thanks for stopping by…
Edited to Add:
I have this bad habit of making a card, only to realize too late that I don't have an envelope to fit the dimensions of my newest creation. Usually when this happens, I'm in such a hurry to send/give the card to the recipient that I don't have time to make a nice envelope. Today was really no different...except that I had a light bulb moment and wrapped the card in aluminum foil! Get it? Man of steel...aluminum steel (foil)?! So I wrapped black and red card stock around the foil like ribbon and added some cool black buttons for dimension. Looked pretty neat and I know he's gonna love it!


Dawn said...

Awesome work JJ. Love it and I'm sure your brother will to. Nice to do something a bit different. Clever girl

marije said...

congratulation with your brother! AMAZING original card! wow!