Thursday, June 18, 2009

For My Dad...Simple Simple

I just managed to squeak out another simple Father’s Day card…for my dad this time.

Usually I find really funny (read sarcastic) cards for my dad, who always gets a big chuckle out of what I send his way. Then I turn around and send him one of my creations. This time I had to forego the funny/sarcastic Hallmark card and just send mine, which will be lucky if it gets there in time.

Anyway…very simple simple.

Thanks for peeking…


Anonymous said...

What a great graphic looking card! making glimmer mist is simple. Fill a travel size spray bottle halfway with hairspray, ad a fre drops of reinker or liquid watercolor and a little scoop of FINE pearl ex. Shake and spray!
Good Luck,

marije said...

oh nice. is it an stamp?
love it!
How is it with your moving?
still packing?
hope to hear from you