Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quick and simple Father’s Day card…with “feeling”

My husband asked me to make a card for his dad for Father’s Day. My father-in-law is legally blind (macular degeneration), but fortunately he has special tools on his computer and high-powdered magnifying glasses that he can use to enlarge letters and that allow him to read and write. He can’t see most colors, nor does he have any depth perception. To this day though, he uses his computer to make computer generated cards for his friends and family!

When my husband asked me to make a card, I knew I wanted it to have texture…so dad can “feel” it. So I started out with a piece of Dupioni silk and some iron-on fusible webbing. After attaching the fusible webbing to the fabric, I then stamped the fabric using the Flourishes shirt stamp. I also used the tie stamp from the same set and stamped it onto a piece of ribbon. I attached it all to a piece of card stock I had left over from another project that I had run through the Cuttlebug using the faux leather template. Now dad can “feel” the card...even if he can’t see it very well.

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Dawn said...

JJ - what a lovely idea for your FIL. I like how you have used all the texture to make the card real for him