Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blogging...A New Fontier

I’m feeling more comfortable…a little bolder…taking more risks in this new frontier called blogging. I’ve added a bit more to my profile and a photo…sort of.

I’m still a bit “shy,” which is really an oxymoron because…how can it be possible for someone to feel “shy” if they blog (especially if they keep it anonymous)?! But there it is. I do feel shy…and tentative…and silly...and embarrassed every time I publish a post and especially photos of my cards, which is crazy because after all, the cards are really what it’s all about. My hand always hovers a few extra seconds (or maybe minutes) above the “send” button before publishing a new post. Frequently, I think about deleting a post immediately after publishing, and…sometimes I do.

I groan (and then smile) each time I visit other blogs and see all the beautiful, polished and amazingly creative and awesome cards with exciting new techniques. [Speaking of which…check out this amazing “technique” at by Gina, of Gina K Designs under "Inspirations" dated January 7, 2009…you’re going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea. I know I can’t wait to give it a try, but first I need to check my brand of tp!]

We all eventually jump over the precipice. It just takes some of us a bit longer to get up the nerve. I’m glad I made the jump. I’m still on the fringes of this wonderful world of bloggers...but I’m having fun finding my way there.

As for my “photo,” it really is a photo of me---at my son’s school during the Halloween parade. I blasted the color out of it. I like that I’m incognito and that it depicts the fun, wacky, creative and frivolous side of me…because believe me, there is another side, which is not so fun and frivolous and wacky (just ask my family!)

So here’s to Blogging…for me, a new frontier. I’m looking forward to this voyage and its continuing mission: to explore the world of paper crafting, to seek out new friends, to boldly go where others have gone before…and most of all, to have fun!

Thanks for stopping by…

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