Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Something old---but new to me!

Saw this cute idea in the pages of the newly hatched GreenCraft magazine from Stampington & Company.

I LOVE this magazine! I can’t wait for the next issue, but until then… there are so many wonderful and creative ideas to (hopefully) keep me occupied until then.

And I just loved the “The Magic of Mini” (pgs. 14 &15) creations by Becky Shander, wherein she used inexpensive peat pots to create tiny gift baskets.

I was so intrigued by her little treat baskets that I went right out to Ace Hardware and bought me a stack of these little pots. 50 for $4.99…what a bargain!

(Just for the record, I also enjoyed the miniature eggs baskets by Angela Harris as well, and will also need to give those a try.)

So…while rummaging around in my current mess of a craft room---since I still have yet to unpack many of my craft boxes from our recent move out West---I spied a package of pink and lime green princess crowns that I bought on sale over a year ago.


This is what I came up with while I was waiting for my boys to return from bb practice last evening.

I know…very simple…but simple is really what I do.

Great for giving little chocolates!
I have since learned that using peat pots for a variety of crafting treats has been around for some time…case in-point: a Martha Stewart video I found last evening where she made peat pot Easter Baskets back in 2001!

Oh well…

They may be old hat to you all---but they’re new to me…and I plan to have some fun with them!

Thanks for stopping by…

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