Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Working my way back…

It’s been a long three months since my last post from…Arlington, Virginia.

Since then, we’ve packed up and moved cross country to…Laramie, Wyoming.

We arrived in Wyoming mid-August and I’ve been unpacking hundreds of boxes and trying to get 0ur new home in order. It’s coming along…slowly.

We’ve lost square footage and lots of built-ins, but it’s a nice house and…I have my own craft room! My room is in the basement but (a really nice finished basement and) here in Laramie most of the new homes have half the house in what is called…the lower level. And it’s an entire room…whereas in our home back in Arlington, I had only half of our guest bedroom.

I have yet to unpack everything (and I lost storage space…2 dressers that we didn’t move with us) and yesterday afternoon I realized that I’m missing all my x-mas stuff. Yikes! I thought the movers had moved all my stuff into the craft room. So I need to go…box hunting.

There’s so much I’ve missed the past three months---so here’s to working my way back…

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marije said...

it's good to have you back!!