Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is what happens…

when you’ve been away from crafting for too long.

So…I was all a twitter about this week’s Hero Arts Challenge using photos as the background.

Our photos are still packed in a box somewhere, so I decided I’d use one of the vintage photos I’ve picked-up at estate sales, etc. and saving for special occasions.

I couldn’t find those either, but did happen up an old postcard I thought might work and this is what I did with it…

So, lucky me…I’m creating my card, feeling pretty good about it. I go to pick-up my laptop to write my post and that’s when I realized…I haven’t used any HA stamps!!!!


Silly me! I used rub-ons, which I love, instead. Completely got carried away and forgot.

Don’t know if I can go back and add a stamp or, if I can use a HA stamp…inside.

Does that count?

Anyway…getting back to the card I did create---the writing on the bottom of the card is actually what’s written on the back of the postcard. I copied it before adhering the postcard to the background card stock.

The bats are a stamp by MS, the headstones and the ghost are confetti and the broom is probably from Michaels and something that I’ve had for some time.

Back to the drawing board…Jeez!

BTW: I got the idea to use the vintage photos (and postcards) from some really Fab altered vintage photos cards I saw in the most recent Somerset Studio’s The Art of Paper and Mixed Media.

If you haven’t yet seen this issue, check it out!

Thanks for peeking…


marije said...

nice card!!

Daniela Hendea {PurpleD} said...

Wow, I love it! Love how you used the old photo to transform it into a " spooky place"!