Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Even though he just doesn’t G/E/T it…

Speaking of Mr.Gadget/Electronic/Toy Man…

Photo of a birthday “card” G/E/T/man (my hubby) made for me last summer (unfortunately the “t” fell off) with purchases he made from the Paper Source...paper, stamp, ink pad and candles.

Mr. G/E/T man works up the street from the Paper Source. He knows I love that store. He's one of those great gift givers…shows that he really knows me and pays attention. To be honest, he’s much better at it than I am. He picks out great cards too. But of all the cards and gifts, this one literally takes the cake…

Why?...because he doesn’t “get” or understand my card and craft passion. He’s definitely not one of those husbands who build craft rooms or design storage solutions.

He’s generally, mostly indifferent and often bemused (or frightened by my stash of supplies or the mess I’ve created). The most reaction I get is when he steps into my craft area. See: previous post.

In his defense, however, he does ask if I have time to make cards for family and friends, and he will occasionally save and give me what he thinks are little bits of potential treasure…vintage looking clothing tags, interesting or exotic looking food and candy wrappers, etc. Reminds me of when our (now gone) cat used to leave us little “gifts”…just to let us know he cared.

So…knowing that he took the time to pick out paper, purchase a stamp and pull it all together, speaks volumes to me. What more could a girl ask for?
Thanks, G/E/T man…for being you.

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