Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What...if Anything Have I Learned this Week

is that it’s better sometimes to not submit to a card challenge. This is a good example.

Last night I made this dual purpose card for both the (second) Raspberry Suite Color and Hero Arts Blog “windows” challenges. I started late at night, which was the first problem. Truth be told, however, the card looks rather cute in real life. In the photo though, it looks…blech.

I was going for a mortar and brick look (to make a window) and it works in real life, but not under the harsh lens of a camera...the so-called mortar looks like really poor workmanship.
So with only fifteen minutes left to post to Mr. Linky, I decided to forego the challenge and wait for the next one and try and tweak this one.
Thanks for popping by...